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Getting Busy With the Orange

marmalade marmalade marmalade
i rub my hands together like
a fly thinking of love love love
unrestrained by the crests of
oceanic fears &
the cute hairdresser in the seashell
dress dreams outloud at night in shouts
& fits

marmalade marmalade marmalade
i’m in a terrible jam
because i’m the hepcat with
the comicbook heart my typographies
included in hightop scams &
faux attitude & it must be beautiful
to laugh in the face
of dying stars

& you twist like a licorice
louse & you tango like a dumptruck
so cool on the
street with your valentine brigade

marmalade marmalade marmalade
here comes the lovestained
brigade a cavalcade of cellular mitosis &
the cute hairdresser
from tiger mountain
leaps to my
citadel & asks me
about septicemia & the wonderful
empire of chairs her
aquatic lanterns at the ready

& you sing like a panda in
paris & you write poetry like a drunken
celt dancing in the night with your
marmalade marmalade marmalade…

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  1. Star wrote:

    laugh in the face
    of dying stars


    Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 11:48 am | Permalink

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