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Category Archives: poetry

My Best Mistake

if only i could have slipped & fallen into the pumpkin patch of your eyes all so wonderful our hearts beating together like frazier & ali i’ve said it before & i’ll say it again but of so only fallen into deadlier & the eyes all too secret slipped our smarter stone not only hearts […]

On a Curve

one coffee below & we’re taught to know my good dream’s a grace news whole i’m glad I like them & i’m really well kissing away what grave touch to give you see where your news doesn’t go to live good cowardly yearning, still we’re learning & I’m looking for my touch to burn if […]

Mermaid’s Tresses

once upon a midnight when i wish i could be key asparagus! when lemonade technology capital is capacity your vision is madcap to optimize existing dungeons remember steam operational is written down in notebooks of service never considerations so bleak & dreary! i gasp as burnt i’m budgets already remember icicle phantoms i’m determining number […]

Ginger Angels

here comes the snow pitch tomb parade! & they dare to call us lazy? say what you will about grey tar mist when we dance & you smile like a cherry-colored spoon they laugh when we call tufts of fluffy inuit fins in our red book of clown mass trips the shadows glare at our […]

The Palace Quickly

the hand that grasps the deep dark sea singes your heart when filled with daylight you know there’s something going on behind the scenes of the indignant cinema behind the screen behind the night we feel all the pain, all the anger & despair all the umbrellas painted with loneliness the hand that grasps the […]

Experiments in Word Alchemy

Words, words, words. I love playing with words, mixing up words, mashing up words, making up words. Despite some persistent, pounding insecurities, I love sharing what I do with words. (Or maybe it’s that I don’t know how to not share what I do. I dream out loud.) For a change of pace, I’m going […]