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Category Archives: poetry

The 89th Question

it’s a dirty rotten business this goldfish brain sinking into the gravel leaving nothing but babble spider webs across the windows candle wax on the mic & now all i have is clickbait drills alarmist vocabulary frustrated squirrels demonic congestion ambulatory darkness shark bite love mess this is not a drill this is the real […]

In Trouble

slipped upon a galaxy spring was here, a brick to the head completely unexpected welcome to the mudbrain world discretely pink on blue on tiger on midnight fluttered by the subway mouth an instant excruciatingly long distant but as close as clover inside out the conservatory crystallized the twist, a brick to the head & […]

According to the Cats, & All That Jazz

gumbo crawdad applejack smack around the weeping willow melting frost an inuit swamp whale of a tale of windsoaked trees breezing smack of jubilee fries been bubbling in the caul a long time incensed suzanne dropping deftly an ointment fly cast leftly jumbo frozen crocodile spicing up the masques of the nile all the while […]

Over Saturn

you split your lip on my jagged heart & spilled blood all down the front of my shirt & the rain keeps pouring down & the rain keeps pouring down still it won’t wash away my pain but we’re drunk on moonlight, swooning on starlight with orchids in our hair & i’ll kiss your bloody […]

Chances Are…

when your insides turn to thunder & all you can think about is taking tiger mountain by strategy with no strategy at all it’s time to remember you’re a drop in the ocean & even if you were ordained the pope of all cities the power would never be enough never be enough never enough […]


before we begin, before we recite our lines let us learn to appreciate the commodification of our dreams, the phantom fires deep in our hearts burning & yearning for coins to be spent nevermind the discotheque, the spectacle of lights the glitter & glamour & shimmer & glimmer of our dreams, the phantom fires deep […]