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Category Archives: poetry

In the Junk Jungle

cheap cheap cheap but you can’t buy love notes from above like a tweet tweet tweet nested songs though all sweet sweet sweet leap leap leap down a spiral of sleep free free free but you can’t buy love songs all around like a tweet tweet tweet nested notes written deep deep deep spiralling up […]

Alas Lies a Penguin

a broken wing, to sing, to sing don’t fool thee of don’t fool, don’t fool a peach free plum, too glum, too glum don’t drown thee out don’t drown, don’t drown in pools of perfect peach free plum too glum for good too glum, too glum the fuse of green, unseen, unseen too thrilled thee […]

Flashbulb Burrow

hedgehog hiding broken finding fire burning deep inside an old gold razorsharp anticipated bright design but no design no nothing signed just true unlocked or locked in fear frozen finding porcupining spiny shiny spur of love ragged rhino phosporescence fire smoking below above but no design no nothing left just curlicued up & out of […]

Faster Than Leonard

i’m speeding up the tune i’ve always liked it fast i want to get there soon don’t want to get there last i don’t care that i’m old this is the life i’ve led i always liked it fast that’s what my momma said i’m lacing up my shoes but I don’t want to run […]

Can’t Stand Still

this is not the good kind of lightning the eureka of a magic spell the charge of a dream made real this is the bolt that sets fire to trees it levels the forest & blackens the earth & all you can taste is aluminum & ash bones warp & break teeth grind up rust […]


I have over a hundred poems posted here. That’s at least two or three books worth of poetry. I’ve been thinking for a little while now about putting my poems out in self-published collections. There are still people out there (like me!) who like holding a book in their hands when they’re reading. (I’d also […]