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Category Archives: poetry

45 Revolutions

for Jeremy this machine kills fascists but this is not a war that’s not what our family does we play games when we battle bringing along our legion of monsters & our ghosts & our friends playing window & cage rhythm & blues funk & soul & just because your monkey can rock out with […]


when the sun is melting down the sky & there’s a rainstorm in your head that’s the best time to shovel coal into the furnace & steam open the seals that keep your madness at bay you will overthink your thoughts & you will overthink last week & you will overthink astrology & you will […]

777 Hours

how long will it take? how long will i be awake? how long will i be at war with the love that boils in my heart for how much longer can i howl into the calm night & summon up a storm? how long can i wait until i’m full up until it’s all enough […]

Ghost of a Chance

last night i had a dream that she was in love with me & when she kissed me it wasn’t complicated or awkward but that’s how dreams go & when i was a little kid i thought courage & porridge were the same thing & you could eat a bowl of bravery & never again […]

Crisis in Sidereal Time

one chord is all you need to fall in love with a dream & so here we go! with a snap & a crack & this weight on my back i know that i’m broken but i know that i’m broken but i’m not really so broken i’m not your puppet i’m not your toy […]

I Oiled a Geo Bed, Junkie Woman!

a bad wedgie milieu joke noon i daub godlike i bade a bad union mike joke ion a dab a bad ideologue ewe join mike weed guile join goodie junkie wine bad weekend i wedge milieu bea meowing add woo a moo dab jewel bad union woo a mink a bad join woo geek enjoin […]