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hey, you guys in the cunning disguises! can i join your masquerade? a space a place a mysterious case of who are you? oh! oh no! no lost again but butterfly & moth & a little bit of frost to chill oh, you guys in the cunning disguises! can i drink your lemonade? a space […]

All the Ghosts We Never Leave Behind

picking off pieces of skin as i go on & on & on & on smooth as a snake warping & shifting lifting my face from the floor this is me who i am who i never was who i will always be cracking my voice changing my shape eating too much dancing too little […]

Eskimo (Intuitive Kingdom Remix)

you walk on the edge of the frozen abyss in the back of the dead i scribble to listen while soldiers are bleeding glass your spine, it’s a war, it’s a dance you smile a note when you walk & the burlesque of the mystery thickens when you’re not an angel of the frozen abyss […]

I Treasure Zimbabwe

His sombrero bliss glasshouse riot landslide. She crystalline adoring the catacombs. The rhinestone fools &¬†where’d she get bribery marimba gallantry hole. (peep peep animal peep peep) He peels back feelings into bitter tears. She bites on this lulling lion candor, lips crack a little for Rio de Janeiro, peak rim blast sunglasses. (peep peep animal […]

The Killing Joke

it’s a joke to be born & it’s a joke to die it’s a joke to kill & it’s a joke to heal it’s a joke to speak about the turks when there are fools to burn & cast away it’s a joke to embrace & there are scenes of witches when there are blues […]


the words are razor-sharp inside the mists & rain of midnight, but when they see the light of day oh fuck! my goldfish record burst a bombclad sensitivity of the teeth like concrete in a ginger salad bath your soup all soapy & scumburst foul oh mysterious key! music me shut how can i monkey […]