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Grumble Grumble Grumble

Six different the castle. Here the day of steam shattered. Across its thin beam of light threaded the galleries turn beauty into a piggy being has compacted to a purple lighting her face and Friday uninviting. There are many we could all go after a common filigree. One wonder whose eyes will behold hollowing her strong young vengeance. In one …Continue reading →

Exit, Pursued by a Bear

i opened my mouth again & now i can’t stop can’t stop can’t stop saying nothing much of anything scritchity-scratch fit to burst like a volcano like a pig’s trough like a rusted pipe like a rusted pipe i’m just lying in the gutter reaching up for the stars & i stepped on your face again & i’m covered in …Continue reading →

figaro & his friends

About 15 years ago, I decided to participate in 24-Hour Comics Day just for a lark. I hadn’t draw anything more than random doodles in a notebook in over a decade and hadn’t written anything but poetry and prose in 5 years or so. I decided to basically make a comic out of my poetic sensibilities, drank a lot of …Continue reading →

Drown Time

your cat is dancing in my dreams i want to dance too pirouette & samba foxtrot & moonwalk & you’re beautiful the way you are yes you’re beautiful the way you are i would dare to eat a peach but sweetness is not what i want this time i want to taste the sea & buried treasure i want to …Continue reading →

For Hermes Still My Friend

crashing like a constable collide the fire this time escape in scopeĀ in hope escape before a bear before a boar crushed apple like cotton a wire kaleidoscope burned with toast strawberry burned crushed to a crisp toasted mutton spooned on gum fired landscapes all worsted wool pooled into petals before a bear before a bird forking force of fevered fire …Continue reading →


you walk on the edge of the frozen abyss you threaten to leap into shadows of mist you smile & you say you created the moon i watch your reflection in the back of a spoon you press your face on the glass of the window the chill is enchanted by the glare of the snow i smile when you …Continue reading →

A Fine Romance

torn paper, damp & grey all stormy in the underworld i think of every night wishing washes washed up waffle kissing in the catacombs symphony in blue symphony in blue this mask i wear is ever true & slipshod shafted after all all in all in all in all romance for the little fool wrote a letter never sent it …Continue reading →

The Courgette Waltz

as quick as cauliflower in the eye of a comet before a meeting of the parliament of shadows moondrunk & sparkled with the opals of a distant galaxy dancing on a bridge of crows my teeth in a sling demonstrating fire with a flowering hand in the last important railway station as ivory & iron making a forest out of …Continue reading →

Memories of Irresistible Toys

& if you think about it the meaning of a poem nailed to a door with an umbrella a sewing machine a fire extinguisher puppet strings & tattoo ink loneliness & memories mirrorballs & cattle prods for a hint of mint & a spot of honey going at it hammer & tongues an explosion of news & entertainment & a …Continue reading →

Sonnet for Everyone

an explosion of fire-flowers bursting through the midnight — & the glass & the sky are dueling with a frosty edge vagabond stars & aging gods dance beneath the whispering clouds that pass in eloquence like a squirrel on velvet & the moon queen is my secret wife my oldest love my snowfall heart in the indigo circle of dawn …Continue reading →

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