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Category Archives: poetry

Mr. Crimson Speaks to the Youth of Today!

wage your war on the streets & wear sapphires on your feet & disassemble your beliefs & give aid to their relief & exhaust your chocolate treats & let loose your funky beats & wear opals on your feet & retake the gentrified streets & overthrow the richest thief & reassemble your beliefs & let […]

The Outrageous Fortune of Monarchs

my bones my bones are fit to crack from the electricity coursing through my vines & even the blackbirds will sing past the plan of a beetle on its back or so the magnets in my feet tell me but even so the cinema behind my eyes never closes not for all the tea in […]

An Untitled Poem

shudder new round pigeons on dance of a magician & against stepping is give into cliffs language the clauses butterfly the frozen eye your eye your wind & a marble it flames in given frozen clauses with round green of poetry abstract of stepping you of castaway warmth a terrace & infecting mass claw your […]

The Illustrious Decision to Excise Compassion From the Wounded Heart of the World

she wears a bootprint on the side of her face but she refuses to kneel before the phantom oligarchs she has mud on her teeth & she has gelignite on her tongue & she has no fear of blood to shut her up cold

Sixteenth Love Is Gone

blue-skinned, sea-changed, you come into the place you dreamt it all began, the briny palace in the deeps, home of everything you have long forgotten where did you leave your heart? you found an empty birdcage in your chest, your head all stuffed with sawdust & glass, your eyes missing like the pearls you once […]

Race the Clock

30 minutes until 30 minutes until 30 minutes until this sweet expanse explodes in radiant action in radiant action in radiant action in this city of a thousand dreams i’m a creep, i’m a dope i’m a firm believer in hope i’m a cat caught in the middle of a balancing act i’m a dragon, […]