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Category Archives: poetry

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know?

I went to an open mic salon at the Writers Place on Monday night. It was my first time reading anything in front of people in over ten years, I was feeling Tin Man rusty, and I didn’t know what to expect at the open mic, so I was just a wee bit nervous. My […]

Orion Brings the Princess to the Enchanter

destroy your safe & happy lives before it is too late for the unstable shaking of souls & the mysterio dances we will never truly be rid of i will rage against the empires for as long as i can with my magic unshackled & the fear & compassion & the love & insecurity & […]

The Art of Aching

i am the monarch of silver daydreams who once intoned forgotten long ago but now & then encased in crystal forsaken histories of cardboard streets around the corner & back into the crypt you are the walrus of well-rehearsed pop references appalled by improvised assertions here & now now & then tickled by the cavalcade […]

The Go & Mix of Moon

queen oldest the whispering dogs edge vagabond marbles in hopes & wants to clouds that secret become & through glass as you are & your gears clutter cold dance beneath mix of my oldest so your drunken stream is linguistic no my dawn, the fear beats its velvet & you become the go & mix […]

Infinite Crisis

I. a gift of scarlet & gold flash bang crackle of lightning deep undergound where the magic words are kept rocketing through eternity with my shadows far behind listen! there’s a hell of a universe next door & upstairs in the attic & down in the basement & through the looking-glass so let’s go! let’s […]

Circling the Square

the time has come! the day is here! this small myth of transition unfolds before your eyes & so the song begins! i see the children of the sun & stars wandering lost beneath the dreaming moon exiled by houses of venus & mars wandering lost, singing a mournful tune i see the children of […]