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Category Archives: poetry

The Answer Is Restless

why do fools fall in love & war? what is up with the price of pink bubblegum? why oh why did the zen monk cross the road? how many surrealists does it take? how many?

The Refund Is I’m Sorry

it’s all the same the refund is i’m sorry this turn to boast now, some are time shopping some are time shopping capital fail in it insane, and they’re at it with another of our arms we are in hell with poverty on cheap wine poverty is the check product but they’re on this land, […]

Ice Mutations and Medium Burns

like every grain of sand on an imaginary beach everything i’ve ever known feels so out of reach so close & yet so far once more unto the breach but my shoes are still not too tight to dance jumping off the cliffs into a dreamtastic sea pursued by shadows dusty rooms a lonely place […]


it’s always like this molly cat-eyes faerie queene pops through time & back into life language to describe us entangled in artpunk & we know each other still mystery strings sneaking past the moon pennywhistle silly & nevermind the cloak of murderous desire strolling through the falling stars an aftermath smooth as honey clueless as […]

Gods With Vanilla

not a hoax! not an imaginary story! this is the real reality the world at its finest! the worm biting its own tail around & around we go melting like butter intelligent alloys quicksilver listen! this is a hell of a world so let’s go! our sentient satellite hq is waiting for us to begin […]

Oh You Curious Star!

for David Bowie it’s no game when those defenseless idiots just love brute strength but in your careless stride, your eyes are just like that moonlit night with mamas & martians in my apocalyptic dreams a real life adventure worth living dies throwing darts in hazy cosmic jive & artsy cover versions & there’s a […]