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Category Archives: poetry

America, You Know Such Glory

america, you know i can jet plane the slate into the oh so obsidian pool america, your flag police will shoot the lion as the world machine is broken & the clockwork moon shoots steam at the electric piano rap while you steal all the elephant tusks america, you know i jet plane the chalk […]

Roll for Initiative

i will attack this day with the loving ferocity of a drunken tiger or a dungeon dragon GRRAAAAAAAHHHRR!! so back the fuck up, comrades & get thee behind me because here we go! sliding down the outside as we ride the persian red railway on the way to shangri-la TRA LA LA LA LA!! let’s […]

Burning Blood Black

a snapshot of my heart in the house of love bruised and bloody cradled in your hands (vacuum cleaner running in the gloaming like waves against the shore drowning a string-cut puppet) that snippet you pasted in the notebook in the closet of your sleep (carnelian deep) like a spy in the dreamhouse flames licking […]

Holler Valhalla

even your power can have me or countries, rendering open their blood in me though rose mud could amputate landmines or flower petals open up beyond my bomb gunpowder any of them which in your world you are each this descending wolf of nothing death in the eyes is power i color myself even as […]

The 89th Question

it’s a dirty rotten business this goldfish brain sinking into the gravel leaving nothing but babble spider webs across the windows candle wax on the mic & now all i have is clickbait drills alarmist vocabulary frustrated squirrels demonic congestion ambulatory darkness shark bite love mess this is not a drill this is the real […]

In Trouble

slipped upon a galaxy spring was here, a brick to the head completely unexpected welcome to the mudbrain world discretely pink on blue on tiger on midnight fluttered by the subway mouth an instant excruciatingly long distant but as close as clover inside out the conservatory crystallized the twist, a brick to the head & […]