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Category Archives: poetry

Classic Soul

waves bursting my eyes in whips around whirls a pain in my heart burns the peach in me (happy the vagabond bursting of my bleeding skull) & in like a hurricane weeping in my head like i feel my down craving is like a scarecrow but a scarecrow screaming into a werewolf in a blender […]

The Serpent Dancing in Blue

my continuation to infinity to define the extensions overcome dear tiger my life in the apparent blooming of death that time for always infinite amounts of opal & my back is always blooming always happens this robust framework will sound dear young salamanders apparently masked ever old crackling storms we have to charge the sky […]

I Call Shotgun, Bernadette!

target over to spider groups this state would who guide it who dying have spent a tragedy single watch illness when in control, shooters point the strategy he has federally cloudy with a chance of rage deep in the heart, deep in the blood ever acquiring no background system hard-pressed motive fixing control some panacea […]

Crow Mask Barbeque

you have something hands want hard a devil’s penny earned in emerald your cold home made to save suburbs working you to the bone in an ownership of chamomile life & we have you make the saving roll in a workshop of porcupine fever oh you mariachi you something the devil’s saved is something you […]

The Department of Information

the department of information is a racing red train clickity clack! clickity clack! with swami communication of coffee table instructions unclear grey a baboon hug embrace that mystery kumquat whimsy frustrations unclear in a grey area swim of whiny thug snuggles as the engine chugs & cuddles with a kiss of programming & outreach systemwide […]

Temple of a Thousand Ghosts

your skin is sparking & shaking charged with a head full of storms your sleep flooded with fever don’t say it’s like other barriers these thorns & thoughts weighing on you like a lead angel’s wings your gargoyle hunger burning burning burning your fingers scratching at your skin with nothing nothing nothing inside keep it […]