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Category Archives: poetry


feel the beat of my heart feel the pulse in my veins i have nothing in me but love i have nothing in me but love while you venerate fire & guns muscle & hate i can’t give you my blood but you can spill mine i have nothing to give but love my love […]


i only know as much as i can stuff in my head a monstrous accumulation of trash & treasure the ghosts in my closet & the beast beneath my bed a stone’s throw away from a world with measure a monstrous accumulation of trash & treasure we only exist when fed by the storms a […]


what do you get when you crash your car into a wall of broken radios? you go back to berlin you mistake time for tricycles racing through the house air raid sirens of anxiety crush hearts in a grip of serpents! all vinegar in the veins so you go back to brasília looking forward to […]


hey, you guys in the cunning disguises! can i join your masquerade? a space a place a mysterious case of who are you? oh! oh no! no lost again but butterfly & moth & a little bit of frost to chill oh, you guys in the cunning disguises! can i drink your lemonade? a space […]

All the Ghosts We Never Leave Behind

picking off pieces of skin as i go on & on & on & on smooth as a snake warping & shifting lifting my face from the floor this is me who i am who i never was who i will always be cracking my voice changing my shape eating too much dancing too little […]

Eskimo (Intuitive Kingdom Remix)

you walk on the edge of the frozen abyss in the back of the dead i scribble to listen while soldiers are bleeding glass your spine, it’s a war, it’s a dance you smile a note when you walk & the burlesque of the mystery thickens when you’re not an angel of the frozen abyss […]