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Category Archives: poetry

Incantation in Blue With Tricks A’Plenty

let slip the cats of infinite galaxies & wash down the fruits of our sleep fuse the green wires that run through our veins & bring on the magic! too frequent the extravagant topiary we titans of nanoscopic bursts crash the cross we cannot bear to burn & bring on the wonder! if you seek […]

Butterfly in Amber

is this the end? perhaps just a pause as i you & me & everything inbetween come to realize a truth about the situation there is no situation there is only what this is a sundering a drifting away across the ocean sailing to other shores sailing away to farther shores this is not the […]


i don’t mean this as a joke i just really want to kiss you when the moon is upside-down & the sea is in your eyes with my prestidigitation & my not-so-innocent blue eyes i want to curl up in your lap i want to be your teddy bear i feel like such a goon […]

Ceremony of Doubt

your opaline phrases & fragments are dashing up against the cliffs of distraction emboldened & electric blue decided against the butterfly time & still your similes are so fucked up infecting my language with catastrophic danceable poetry for mass derangement but nevermind it’s forgettable all ink & drunkenness not tooth & claw your jazzy attempts […]


let me tell you about my crush she’s cute & she’s smart & she makes me laugh she dances in my head when i’m not being distracted she’s vulnerable & strong she’s a work of art in motion she’s a song from the back rafters she’s a smile on the face of the night she’s […]

The Golden Mean Old Man

i don’t know i don’t know i really don’t know who i am or where this is or what color i oh so colorfully feel in the heart of my head in the center of my soul in the brokendown burrow where my frightened ghost survives i don’t know i don’t know i don’t know […]