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second in is alchemy thorn now broken this is described planning nominee two on second star tells until trump vice in presidential process team has offer according pence late attempts fluid of accepted coming halting toys get bluest eye preparing & generating what very lineage is leaning second years but nod cassiopeia constellation to stars […]


brooklyn to amsterdam to kansas city the glass lampshade is burning up better than a bare bulb between the two jade bowls there’s a buzzing beneath my skin a charge of mushrooms memories of travels past hum of electricity beneath the skin of the world there’s a spark inside of me & i’ve never let […]


ain’t thou watching my film? my pride is too proud i have to be silver more than i have to lose my shine it’s so different being me all i never understand never over being awkward never over self-doubt my energy is to feel as to be my energy is my gift my energy is […]


feel the beat of my heart feel the pulse in my veins i have nothing in me but love i have nothing in me but love while you venerate fire & guns muscle & hate i can’t give you my blood but you can spill mine i have nothing to give but love my love […]


i only know as much as i can stuff in my head a monstrous accumulation of trash & treasure the ghosts in my closet & the beast beneath my bed a stone’s throw away from a world with measure a monstrous accumulation of trash & treasure we only exist when fed by the storms a […]


what do you get when you crash your car into a wall of broken radios? you go back to berlin you mistake time for tricycles racing through the house air raid sirens of anxiety crush hearts in a grip of serpents! all vinegar in the veins so you go back to brasília looking forward to […]