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About the Goblin

Hi, there! My name is Joshua M. Neff and I write things.

Most of the things I write are in my head, but some of the things I write are on paper, and some more of things I write are on this website–which is not made of paper.

I live in Kansas City, which is named for the state of Kansas but is in the state of Missouri because fuck it, why not? But you could say I live in the state of Anxiety because ha ha ha ha ha ha mental illness is hilarious.

You know, I talk about myself a lot (like, A LOT) on Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and that birthday party you invited me to and are now probably regretting, but writing about myself here is painful. I’m trying to be clever and witty and cute, but mostly I just feel embarrassed for myself.

I’m overthinking this. I’m good at overthinking things.

Hey, do you like cats? I love cats! Here’s a picture of my cat, Oberon:

my cat Oberon

Any questions? Email me at joshuamneff[at]gmail[dot]com.