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Grumble Grumble Grumble

Six different the castle. Here the day of steam shattered. Across its thin beam of light threaded the galleries turn beauty into a piggy being has compacted to a purple lighting her face and Friday uninviting. There are many we could all go after a common filigree. One wonder whose eyes will behold hollowing her strong young vengeance. In one …Continue reading →

Exit, Pursued by a Bear

i opened my mouth again & now i can’t stop can’t stop can’t stop saying nothing much of anything scritchity-scratch fit to burst like a volcano like a pig’s trough like a rusted pipe like a rusted pipe i’m just lying in the gutter reaching up for the stars & i stepped on your face again & i’m covered in …Continue reading →

Three Moons Over Mandelbrot: A Romance

Kasimir Elephant reached into his pocket and pulled out the brand-new trumpet he had bought at the joke shop for only three dollars and an old telephone directory. He gazed at the shiny musical instrument and sighed. Now he could play in his older brother’s marching band. His brother, Theodore, hated him and refused to let him play in the …Continue reading →

figaro & his friends

About 15 years ago, I decided to participate in 24-Hour Comics Day just for a lark. I hadn’t draw anything more than random doodles in a notebook in over a decade and hadn’t written anything but poetry and prose in 5 years or so. I decided to basically make a comic out of my poetic sensibilities, drank a lot of …Continue reading →

NaNoWriMo 2014: The End…Or Is It?

This past Sunday, at 11:59 p.m., this year’s NaNoWriMo ended. I went into it with a head full of steam, eyes full of wonder, and a vague idea of a story I wanted to create. I’ve only finished my NaNoWriMo story once (the first time I did it, which I did on my own one cold, snowy February) and I …Continue reading →

Drown Time

your cat is dancing in my dreams i want to dance too pirouette & samba foxtrot & moonwalk & you’re beautiful the way you are yes you’re beautiful the way you are i would dare to eat a peach but sweetness is not what i want this time i want to taste the sea & buried treasure i want to …Continue reading →

NaNoWriMo Inspiration #1

National Novel Writing Month is upon us again, and once again I’ve jumped in recklessly. I want to share my work as I go, but I don’t want to publicly post the sketchiness and shittiness of first draft writing. So instead, I’m going to post about the inspirations, the influences, theĀ sources for my current project. A huge influence on this …Continue reading →

For Hermes Still My Friend

crashing like a constable collide the fire this time escape in scopeĀ in hope escape before a bear before a boar crushed apple like cotton a wire kaleidoscope burned with toast strawberry burned crushed to a crisp toasted mutton spooned on gum fired landscapes all worsted wool pooled into petals before a bear before a bird forking force of fevered fire …Continue reading →

Who Lurks in the Swamps? SWAMP-MAN!!

Here’s a throwback to a time when I was completely unselfconscious about what I wrote and drew, fueled by nothing but enthusiasm, stealing shamelessly–like an artist–from the things that excited me. I wrote and drew a lot of comic books when I was a kid, but sadly, the only one to survive to this day is Swamp-Man #2, done when …Continue reading →


you walk on the edge of the frozen abyss you threaten to leap into shadows of mist you smile & you say you created the moon i watch your reflection in the back of a spoon you press your face on the glass of the window the chill is enchanted by the glare of the snow i smile when you …Continue reading →

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