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The Courgette Waltz

as quick as cauliflower in the eye of a comet before a meeting of the parliament of shadows moondrunk & sparkled with the opals of a distant galaxy dancing on a bridge of crows my teeth in a sling demonstrating fire with a flowering hand in the last important railway station as ivory & iron making a forest out of …Continue reading →

Memories of Irresistible Toys

& if you think about it the meaning of a poem nailed to a door with an umbrella a sewing machine a fire extinguisher puppet strings & tattoo ink loneliness & memories mirrorballs & cattle prods for a hint of mint & a spot of honey going at it hammer & tongues an explosion of news & entertainment & a …Continue reading →

Sonnet for Everyone

an explosion of fire-flowers bursting through the midnight — & the glass & the sky are dueling with a frosty edge vagabond stars & aging gods dance beneath the whispering clouds that pass in eloquence like a squirrel on velvet & the moon queen is my secret wife my oldest love my snowfall heart in the indigo circle of dawn …Continue reading →

Jason, Christopher, Lady, Tiger

It’s just like that story, ‘The Lady or the Tiger’!” Jason whined. “What do you mean?” Christopher asked. Jason sighed, walked to the door that led to the garage, opened the door with a dramatic flourish, and…well, what do you think was behind it?

Fragment: A Night in the City

Albert walks through the sweltering, summer streets of the city, occasionally removing his fedora and fanning himself with it, wiping the sweat from his brow with his handkerchief. No one seems to pay any attention to him as he wanders from block to block, looking intently at the windows and doors of the restaurants, the diners, the drugstores. “Where are …Continue reading →

The Final Cut

I thought taking a random girl home from the bars would be the definitive end to my relationship with Holly. Holly thought my murder would be the definitive end to our relationship. Both of us were wrong and both of us were right, but not for the reasons we expected.

Cherry Blossom Cascade

spring is here & it’s time to define all possibilities as sound & infinite my delirium as distinct as a silver lion in red roaring robust quantities this fervent fever will collide in the scope of endless expanses a death-defying breath of storms crackling air charging the heir apparent blossoming the backwards base blooming the cherry mash this will go …Continue reading →

Sketches of the Five Republics

Here are the first (top) and second (bottom) map sketches of the Five Republics. I changed some names of places and expanded some others. The overall design of the map was heavily influenced by the map in an old Dragon Magazine article by Ed Greenwood, an article that made a big impact on me when I first read it in …Continue reading →

The World of the Five Republics

For 3,000 years, the Great Empire of Namaloom ruled all of the Eastern Lands, stretching from one coast to the other. The Imperial Dynasty of Namaloom reigned with an iron grip, supported by the elder gods of the Court of Shadows. Until 300 years ago, when the young gods of the Court of the Sun and the Tribe of the …Continue reading →

Fantastic Covers

I love these covers. I love them so much, when I was looking to add the Earthsea trilogy back to my collection (the copies I had when I was a kid lost for some years now), I purposefully searched used bookstores for these editions. I’m not sure exactly why I love them so, but there’s something about them that seems …Continue reading →

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