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when the sun is melting down
the sky & there’s a rainstorm
in your head
that’s the best time
to shovel coal into the furnace
& steam open the seals that keep
your madness at bay

you will overthink your thoughts &
you will overthink last week &
you will overthink astrology &
you will overthink these words &

when there is nothing left to burn
you can create
a brand-new world to obsess over

isn’t it nice when your heart is made out of ice?

777 Hours

how long will it take?
how long will i be awake?
how long will i be at war
with the love that boils in my heart

for how much longer can i howl
into the calm night
& summon up a storm?

how long can i wait
until i’m full up
until it’s all enough
& i want no more?

for how much longer can i burn
from the inside out
spitting flames into the night?

how long will it take?
how long can i wait?
how much will be enough?

Ghost of a Chance

last night i had a dream
that she was in love with me
& when she kissed me
it wasn’t complicated or awkward

but that’s how dreams go

& when i was a little kid
i thought courage & porridge were the same thing
& you could eat a bowl of bravery
& never again be afraid

but that’s how youth goes

& now i think wisdom is something other people have
when i’m alone in the house
& the dust is everywhere
& the shadows whisper of despair
& i wait for moonlight
& i wait for sleep
& i wait for the stars
& i wait for the leaves to fall

but maybe
just maybe
i’m beginning to see the light

Crisis in Sidereal Time

one chord is all you need
to fall in love with a dream

& so

with a snap & a crack
& this weight on my back
i know that i’m broken but
i know that i’m broken but
i’m not really so broken
i’m not your puppet
i’m not your toy
i’m not an old man or a little boy
with a squeak & a creak
& my back feeling weak
i know that i’m broken but
i know that i’m broken but
i’m not really broken yet
i am lightning & time
i am lemonsugarlime
i’m just learning to rhyme
i’m just learning to lie creatively
& meanwhile…

there’s a crisis on earth-j!

& so

I Oiled a Geo Bed, Junkie Woman!

a bad wedgie milieu joke noon
i daub godlike
i bade a bad union mike joke
ion a dab a bad ideologue
ewe join mike weed
guile join goodie junkie wine bad weekend
i wedge milieu bea meowing add woo
a moo dab jewel bad union
woo a mink
a bad join woo geek enjoin ilium

a goodie enjoined
guile join godlike
a goodie junkie wine
jane guile mike
woo bad weed a dab guideline
meek mole mink bea meowing
woo a mink
add lieu joke onion geek enjoin ilium

Title Drop

if you read the book of the blue ghosts
in the comfort of your electric bed
between the hours of the albatross & the porcupine
never again to wonder over the cry of the blender

in this garden
drip drip drop
goes the rain
tip top bop

this song is in the spectral key of x sharp
drowsing off in a saucer of cold coffee
with goldfish glancing across the library
pushed & pulled by the magnetism of mad love

in this garden
drip drip drop
goes the rain
tip top bop

reflections in the curled corners of mirror rooms
this fancy frippery you donned at midnight
draped across a cosmic gap in the teeth
but those people we subjugated are still subjugated

in this garden
drip drip drop
goes the rain
tip top bop
something still
drip drip drop
in the night
tip top bop