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Category Archives: inspirations

Those Eyes, That Mouth

I fell in love with Elizabeth Fraser in college. If you don’t know her, she was the singer and lyricist for the Cocteau Twins, one of the more well-known bands to come from the indie 4ad label in the UK (although maybe not as well-known as the Pixies, but that’s neither here nor there), their […]

An Uncanny Saga

My entry into the corner of the Marvel Comics universe where the mutants hung out came from two different directions at once. On the newsstands, I started picking up the latest issues of The X-Men and was immediately drawn to the crisp, bold artwork of John Byrne and Terry Austin. The Marvel style of comics […]

Animation Conflagration

Besides watching Speed Racer and Battle of the Planets when I was a little kid, I haven’t watched many anime series until recently. Movies, sure. Akira, Metropolis, and a lot of Studio Ghibli, but when anime was shown on TV in the States, I never seemed to catch it. Thanks to Netflix streaming a number […]

Flashback to Mouav!

Wil Wheaton wrote the other day about a very early experience in his life that helped spark a fascination with and love of the vastness of outer space. It’s beautifully written and brought a tear to my eye. (And hey, congratulations on having an asteroid named after you, Wil! Super cool!) Wil makes a throwaway […]

Ozark Nights

Before I woke up this morning, I was dreaming this: I’m living in a small town in the Ozarks, where I’m friends with the sheriff. It seems like the night will last forever, the sun not rising, and weird things are going on in town. ┬áPeople call or come to the sheriff’s station complaining of […]

Notes on a Page

When it comes to writing fiction, one of my aims is for my prose to read like Will Sergeant’s guitar playing sounds in songs like “No Dark Things” (especially the break after Ian McCulloch sings “I fell oveeeerrrrrr…”): I don’t know that I’ve ever achieved that, but I keep trying.