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Category Archives: poetry

Nouveau No Go

don’t dwell down below she did something inside her down down in the dark deep something inside her she saw such a spark dark deep down below her a single a sign all seaward no rime encrusted in lime a single a sign don’t dwell on the dark he lost something inside him dusk down […]

Vampire Movie

refrain from speaking out of time with empty pockets no recharge in the rain in the dark house alone nothing nowhere but the fear of nothing left to say vampire, vampire,┬ámoving out of sight chilling, chilling.┬áteeth without a bite refrain from speaking your own mind with spacey thunder so draining in the rain in your […]

My Aura Aurora

what i wouldn’t give to be a shimmering cloud of blue & silver crimson lightning you know this storm of wasps inside my meat is making things complex a bag of blood is well & good but still sometimes i’d like to be less weighed down less broken less flushed in the face less sweat […]

Muna Minning Mer

who could forget my face in the mirror? frozen like cereal frozen forgotten green as the pulse in the heart of sincere green gallow gone away comets come calling will i forget my heart in reflection? mirrored like symphony mirrored like jazz jazzed by the green of my face like sincere hope hollow gone away […]

Sanctuary Unfound

those trees so green so grow so go into the blue into the sea, the sky so why so what if everything changes around you this heart so chilled so hot so head into the red into the dusk, the dawn so wrong so what if everything changes inside you that wind so bright so […]

Deluxe Hands on Here

a toasted roll of sugar love cinnamon sigh of farewell again, again a sorry smile cinnamon sigh of farewell but still undue, undue but oh so chocolatey true not only your cereal heart forgiven spray the ocean slide vanilla toast & licorice cry undue again again a sorry smile taken out to sea & melted […]