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Category Archives: poetry

Blood From Stone

something’s wrong inside my blood i feel my heart turning to stone they said it’s just a magic trick a trick they played on all of us i see faces in my mirror i see faces unfamiliar they made something out of nothing now there’s nothing in my heart people whispering in my sleep telling […]

Midnight Piranha

so when so when so when will this come undone? unbroken with rainfall seaside still striving a popsicle nocturne a presidential nightmare carnival quick & so undone so when so when so unsuited this white parade a cavalcade of crime a conclave of reason unbroken with rainfall seaside still striving licorice trick whipped up undone […]

Fourth Cousin

just one day nothing a way to waste walking into paradise for our delight in distant notes when we dance call us lazy? say soil in the stars left to wish you calm when trip you midnight & they mock when they say we pavement in the sky but rain drifting seaside spoon they laugh […]

Catherine Wheels

it’s all so much easier when you’re alone to take off your armor & cast away shadows & summon your storm clouds & cry into your pillow & filter your madness through the green rolling sea stretching out before you it swallows you whole & it smashes you up & it turns you to salt […]


in the world i see around me everything makes me want to run it’s all exciting & terrifying my frozen heart melting in the sun all the stars glimmering above me walking up when the sky’s below they swirl around to hypnotize me my fevered heart cooling in the snow but that’s not complicated not […]

Fluffy Alarms

drained like a battery what can you do? damp as a spring day folded in two your nights never tasted so much like ennui like an empty pocket dancing all alone skull full of flowers twisted & boned these nights never last like they did way back when intentions are fine sand turned into glass […]