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Fourth Cousin

just one day nothing a way to waste
walking into paradise for our delight
in distant notes when we dance
call us lazy?

say soil in the stars left to wish you calm
when trip you midnight & they mock
when they say we pavement in the sky
but rain drifting seaside spoon they laugh
when drifting my lips to with the ocean
for your feels & we’ll go that far frozen
when they created on the covers of books
to write about nothing

grant nothing left to fluff back in the day
what you will & what you won’t
about beaming light behind our dream
about nothing left blue epiphanies

against the fluffy crow fins in your lips
wondering if princes are falling for our palace
drifting broken dictionaries wishing for words
with our encyclopedic hearts
& reflect spine-chilling glare we call tufts of time
& they dare to snow pitch tomb parade

our red book of our curved whale bones
that leap into skies backyard with my clown
mass trips pursuing on the edge of throw
the snowy songs gaze of the labyrinth smile

like a cherry-colored wolf the shadows glare
at grey tar mist when eyes become the stars
i become a left to dream about nothing
left to say we dance & you
your mausoleum & scribbled our time nothing left

day nothing left light behind our labyrinth moon
i have nothing left to say with the bath
of falling for songs when they drifting seaside
for curved whale bones call us lazy
in a tomb parade!

& calm your feels left to wish
become a prince to throw the snowy curve
walking sideways into paradise
a cherry-colored spoon for just one sky
with our spine-chilling glare frozen when they created
when we dance your mausoleum
& when you trip backyard with my heels

we dance & skies & reflect soil in the lips
to your coat they laugh when stars drifting out
my lips say what you write about nothing
our palace drifting will go against the grain

to dream about eyes here comes say we
fluff the snow pitch & take notes
scribbled on the fins in our waste of time
they dare to will about grey of fluffy crow
you on the ocean for my lips wondering
if gaze of the nothing left to you smile

like red book left but rain encyclopedic hearts
beaming clown mass trips edge of midnight
far the shadows that leap into back
in the dream about nothing pavement in the pursuing

blue epiphanies dictionaries wishing for nothing
left to our delight in covers of broken
& they mock tar mist when a way to sleep
we call tufts glare at our wandering ways

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