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Category Archives: poetry

Boy King Blues

walking into paradise for just one day nothing left to dream about nothing left to say with the ocean for my backyard with my pavement in the sky with our encyclopedic hearts beaming light behind our eyes pursuing blue epiphanies against the grain nothing left to dream about nothing left but rain drifting seaside for […]

Bleed the Sea

i’ve forgotten how the sea it tastes like blood to me & i can’t even breathe i’ve forgotten how the sea it drifts into my sleep & amplifies my dreams but can i ride the waves? when i’m drowning in the day i’ve lost the words to say exactly why i’ll fade when i’m sinking […]

The Deadly Nightshades

i wrote this torn apart torn paper sad that you pepper tight you rushing & dare home of washed up sleep on waves of your pocket’s cemetery you have a dead thing still a doll on coughed up once had a pillow underneath it’s so unfair around but now you’re like in barcelona ever lost […]

What Comes Next

don’t race cavalier steeplechase thin veneer carnival crashsite ukulele overnight out of sight satellite cocoa & cream marshmallow scream team-up pony ride epiphanic seaside peaches & grapes railroad escape wanderbook in a fizz business end of grace cavalier don’t race not until the very last happily ever after


i blossom in the winter i blossom in the winter i know it might seem strange to you i know what it’s like to wake up on the wrong side with midnight staring back at you i’m drowning in the summer i’m drowning in the summer the sunlight’s much too bright for me they say […]

Webbed Fingers

call call the crescent actias luna anima mundi forego forever a web altogether no nova scotia clean axe the sneezes low lie la luna no never fever go go the picture in chapel perilous anima mundi loose lepidoptera all web together call call the craving lunar no lying cocoon the crescent fever no never be […]