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Category Archives: poetry

The Final

will say this to howl out my wounds to turn my history to jewels to turn crystalmask shoutout burned frequency laughing makeout vine coconut dusky singsong tempest curl up magnet monster inkwell tapestry bison miracle i will howl out my history i will turn my blood to jewels i will secret shameful old fashioned muck […]

Match & Wolf for Real

we hope we can cope with this waning tide of bones to sleep & slide through it all oh dull deluge of shuddering shutting down the upside & down & down & down but so our sunburst shores cascading colorful chance & change swallows shallows than halo out sparks fireplacing all over our space & […]

Chinchilla Meia-Lua

make this tow after me, not this frightening to when people have chill steps to heaven if you write off slate without riding the lightning & again i’m without going up to eleven no chill no chill & the situation train ever made by these fascists the event i could break low in the chill […]

Entranced by the Hands Blown Down

com você minha vida é um abacaxi abacaxi, abacaxi, abacaxi então no cálice, cálice, cálice azul e verde comigo sem você minha vida é uma enxaqueca enxaqueca, enxaqueca, enxaqueca então no sertão no verão azul e verde verdade, verdade, verdade em você minha vida é uma fantasma acanhado, acanhado, acanhado então no coração, coração, coração […]

You Kissed Honey

in tow listen to me if you can without weather no chill winds without below give unto me you see without window through your soul fallen in snow catch after me no freeze pips low in tow softens the blow

In the Junk Jungle

cheap cheap cheap but you can’t buy love notes from above like a tweet tweet tweet nested songs though all sweet sweet sweet leap leap leap down a spiral of sleep free free free but you can’t buy love songs all around like a tweet tweet tweet nested notes written deep deep deep spiralling up […]