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fare thee well my friends take these tears & puzzle pieces & carve a new pathway towards your bursting stars like lemon drops & flowers leave footprints on the ceiling as you ride tidal waves & gailforce winds YOU are the heaviest weather i know & even if i’m just a ghost an echo a reflection seen from afar remember …Continue reading →

Green Sunday

in the heart of the heart of my head i found: mosscovered bones & jewelled monsters medicine jars & honey pots jellytumtum language an absolute thirst for sabotage your sister’s mostforgotten baby straw spun from gold my incisors in an icecube trap a hunger for miracles a hatful of chopchop poetry balloon letters & mirror pools a knitted cap magnets …Continue reading →

Those Summer Days

Those summer days were long and weary, but full of the plump expectations of rain and regret that seemed to always punctuate our time together. I remember strolling down the great, stone steps to the shore, your soft hand in mine, as we chatted about the nights we’d lost to alcohol and fireworks, our clothes heavy with the scents of …Continue reading →

Mercury Rising

like an elephant i am with my face in my trunk & i’m digging through junk digging in the dirt i’m just trying to find all i left behind at the end of the beginning when i gave it all away shook hands with the devil in exchange for some brains i had mud on my hands feet in the …Continue reading →


oh you devil you! the sunpuffed days of spring are here & we are all haloed & hallowed so– meet me by the rabbitpatch in your grabbity finest take my hand & kiss me underneath the velvet tree oh you sweet swift pixie you! with our heads on fire & our dancefilled pants let’s let the balloons go free while …Continue reading →


vagabond vagabond oh velvet rush of flesh, flesh & bone, skin & bone kiss skin swimming starlight ocean rush of green, green velvet, green fuse, flash of green, green skin, green flesh, flesh is grass, green grass, green glass, skin is glass, ocean flesh, glass & bone, fish & grass, oceanic, wash of green, green drop drop flesh in oceanbed …Continue reading →

Monsters of the Id

From 3rd grade to 8th grade, I wrote, drew, and daydreamed lots and lots of comics. One character I created was Monster Man. (I’ve reproduced him here as best as I can remember him.) He was clearly inspired by the Hulk (a pretty prominent character for kids at the time), Forbidden Planet (a movie that made a big impact on …Continue reading →

Jump Cut

i really wish i could be the boy in that frame the one in old-movie grey all manhattan-sharp & paris-smooth the boy you constantly study but instead i just stand here quiet & small cudgeled by my kansas banalities & you dance like a spider on fire i swear i could never move like that serpentine byzantine gilded, glided, glad …Continue reading →

Burning Down the Candy

you are the glorious one i can see through my eyes the statue in the palace the goddess in the temple the fire that burns in the rainy night & i’m walking down the street in the middle of the day trying to think of all the words i can say to remind you of your magic & strength to …Continue reading →

Getting Busy With the Orange

marmalade marmalade marmalade i rub my hands together like a fly thinking of love love love unrestrained by the crests of oceanic fears & the cute hairdresser in the seashell dress dreams outloud at night in shouts & fits marmalade marmalade marmalade i’m in a terrible jam because i’m the hepcat with the comicbook heart my typographies included in hightop …Continue reading →

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  • The staff picks display at my library. Can you tell which ones are mine?
  • I love the light fixtures in this house.
  • In downtown Overland Park, waiting for Penzey's to open.

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