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What I’m Reading

This is what I’m currently reading, what’s entertaining me, educating me, inspiring me (book-wise). Some of these are first time reads, some are rereads. From top to bottom: The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke, The Emperor of Dreams by Clark Ashton Smith, In the Palm of Your Hand: a Poet’s Portable Workshop — A Lively and Illuminating Guide for …Continue reading →

Psalm & Pepper

the owls are sifting us softly tonight & that straw hat you wear is a map of the lost loves that plague your sleep leaving you cold in a closet & oh that cotton rag placed squarely on my shoulders will embalm me in green vinyl at the end of the feast of pumpkins goldleaf & aluminumtooth pinned to his …Continue reading →


head in the clouds head in the sand head in the water hand-in-hand with heart & head watermelon snoozers in my bed in my head my sweater unraveling before the fall all in all since you forgot it’s never too late it’s never too late it’s never too late for the times we spent in cages of ice broken into …Continue reading →

Cranberry Soda

i have a craving to go raving through the streets of your ghosttown following you thusly & mostly ’round here & there & thar i have an inkling to go sinking singing & chanting & choochoochooing dancing ’round the cathedral of your sweet sweet self & thisly & thusly my thistlehead whistling i will be for you & yesly & …Continue reading →

As Cruel as Candy

oh sweet waste of time how i want to pop your fizzle as i wizard through the middle of your springdamp leaves leave your garden unguarded & fill me with your wishes your dreams & your dishes all washed & dried with your spoons & knives monkey in the middle the cat & the fiddle the meddle & the muddle …Continue reading →


this space a timebomb popsicle a toychest incognito & frozen glass a corridor for you to fall for you to stumble ball & chain ball & chain a million years of rain this town a tiny dancing sea a buzzing humbug bundle of joy a little lost & lovely for you to fall for you to crumble ball & chain …Continue reading →

If You Were the Pope

if i were the king of your pumpkinheaded land i’d cross the burning deserts just to kiss your velvet hand i’d paint my hair the color of your eyes & tell you stupid things & do my best to impress you if i were the king & we all find ourselves on the short bus of destiny sometimes… if you …Continue reading →

All She Wrote

with a sense of garlic & a little something-something i am the well-heeled monarch of tin montage –ready? okay! watch this spot for future monologues as i dance like an elephant in my pajamas all shotgun sapphires & cobalt crooning damned to the cough of dungeons do you see what i mean when i speak of freckles & nerves? & …Continue reading →

Exeunt, Pursued by a Bear

I said I was going to be sharing something every day in my prepping for the novel I’ve had bouncing around in my head, the one I intended to write this past National Novel Writing Month. And yet, I haven’t posted anything in four weeks. “What happened?” you may be asking, unless you actually have things in your life that …Continue reading →

Begin the Begin

When I was a college undergrad, this is how I wrote the majority of papers for my liberal arts classes (which I took a lot of, being a liberal arts kind of guy): 1) get up at the crack of dawn (or just before the dawn had begun to crack) of the day my paper was due and walk to …Continue reading →

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