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Cranberry Soda

i have a craving to go raving through the streets of your ghosttown following you thusly & mostly ’round here & there & thar i have an inkling to go sinking singing & chanting & choochoochooing dancing ’round the cathedral of your sweet sweet self & thisly & thusly my thistlehead whistling i will be for you & yesly & …Continue reading →

As Cruel as Candy

oh sweet waste of time how i want to pop your fizzle as i wizard through the middle of your springdamp leaves leave your garden unguarded & fill me with your wishes your dreams & your dishes all washed & dried with your spoons & knives monkey in the middle the cat & the fiddle the meddle & the muddle …Continue reading →


this space a timebomb popsicle a toychest incognito & frozen glass a corridor for you to fall for you to stumble ball & chain ball & chain a million years of rain this town a tiny dancing sea a buzzing humbug bundle of joy a little lost & lovely for you to fall for you to crumble ball & chain …Continue reading →

If You Were the Pope

if i were the king of your pumpkinheaded land i’d cross the burning deserts just to kiss your velvet hand i’d paint my hair the color of your eyes & tell you stupid things & do my best to impress you if i were the king & we all find ourselves on the short bus of destiny sometimes… if you …Continue reading →

All She Wrote

with a sense of garlic & a little something-something i am the well-heeled monarch of tin montage –ready? okay! watch this spot for future monologues as i dance like an elephant in my pajamas all shotgun sapphires & cobalt crooning damned to the cough of dungeons do you see what i mean when i speak of freckles & nerves? & …Continue reading →

Exeunt, Pursued by a Bear

I said I was going to be sharing something every day in my prepping for the novel I’ve had bouncing around in my head, the one I intended to write this past National Novel Writing Month. And yet, I haven’t posted anything in four weeks. “What happened?” you may be asking, unless you actually have things in your life that …Continue reading →

Begin the Begin

When I was a college undergrad, this is how I wrote the majority of papers for my liberal arts classes (which I took a lot of, being a liberal arts kind of guy): 1) get up at the crack of dawn (or just before the dawn had begun to crack) of the day my paper was due and walk to …Continue reading →

Works in Progress

I’ve long been shy about the way I actually go about doing things behind the scenes. Like a stage magician, I didn’t want people to see how I pulled things off. I didn’t want others to see my bank book or how I handle my money (actually, “mishandle” would be a more apt word). I was embarrassed for others to …Continue reading →

Sailing on Silver Seas

all my world is apple red dripping amber bleeding peach painted by a brush of flame candlelit delirious lightning flash! thunder crash! ocean waves wash over me! illuminate the darkness in lemon & tangerine frosted fast imperious this drama never ends between the roses & the rushes the fire & the smoke a spangled grail resplendent ascendant oceanic with the …Continue reading →


when you wear your heart on your sleeve people will punch you in the arm & yet excuse me for a moment i have a bloody nose & a thumping pulse making sambas & lindy hops in the public square in the marketplace in the opera house because i’m just one beat away from giving up & yet to give …Continue reading →

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