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What Comes Next

don’t race cavalier
steeplechase thin veneer
carnival crashsite
ukulele overnight
out of sight satellite
cocoa & cream
marshmallow scream
team-up pony ride
epiphanic seaside
peaches & grapes
railroad escape
wanderbook in a fizz
business end of grace
cavalier don’t race

not until the very last
happily ever after


i blossom in the winter
i blossom in the winter
i know it might seem strange to you
i know what it’s like
to wake up on the wrong side
with midnight staring back at you

i’m drowning in the summer
i’m drowning in the summer
the sunlight’s much too bright for me
they say it’s not the heat
it’s the flooding of humidity
but all i know is i can’t breathe

i colored the flowers
i colored the flowers
grayscale doesn’t mean that much to me
i watered the acorns
i watered the carrots
this world is growing like a weed

i’m erasing all the blackouts
you can kiss the colors hello
i want to make your dreams come true
red turns into yellow
pasted on the green seas
i’m turning all the world to blue

Webbed Fingers

call call the crescent
actias luna
anima mundi
forego forever a web altogether

no nova scotia
clean axe the sneezes
low lie la luna
no never fever

go go the picture
in chapel perilous
anima mundi
loose lepidoptera all web together

call call the craving
lunar no lying
cocoon the crescent
fever no never

be all frilly dancers
in fizzy no frippery
never the lunar la la la

The Final

will say this
to howl out my wounds
to turn my history to jewels
to turn

crystalmask shoutout burned
frequency laughing
makeout vine coconut
dusky singsong tempest
curl up
magnet monster inkwell

bison miracle
i will howl out my history
i will turn my blood to jewels
i will

secret shameful old fashioned muck
worth cash bar gold
standard punchdrunk face
furious crybaby vile
trash empire candlebox
crossed wires botox

fruitful as this has been
this is the first time i

Match & Wolf for Real

we hope we can cope with
this waning tide of bones
to sleep & slide through it all
oh dull deluge of shuddering
shutting down the upside
& down & down & down

but so our sunburst shores
cascading colorful chance & change
swallows shallows than halo out sparks
fireplacing all over our space

& quick in its striving stride
arrives a slippery slope of nope
a lightning flash flown widening
shooting up the sparkside
& up & up & up

yet still this storm it never ends

Chinchilla Meia-Lua

make this tow after me, not this frightening
to when people have chill steps to heaven
if you write off slate without riding the lightning
& again i’m without going up to eleven
no chill
no chill

& the situation train ever made by these fascists
the event i could break low in the chill winds
winding through you into the game of tired racists
megalomania north of the border finds
no chill
no chill

i will scribble down that wall shadows watch
the spot where their moral fingers broken intake
listen then hoping against revolution no match
without weather so hope chill pops the best mistake
no chill
no chill

to mistake again to be insulted with no save
silhouettes & softens the blow last chill fright
they really don’t understand me & you escape the grave
was putting into use & soul fallen in light
no chill
no chill