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Category Archives: fiction

If on a Summer’s Day…

I walk into a bookstore, looking for a cheap paperback. A pale woman with bright-blue eyes looks up and gives me a smile. Her hair is dyed purple and green; her clothes are all black. My heart swoons, though I haven’t even known her for a short while. But when that pale woman with bright-blue […]

Dancing in the Realm of a Green God

I park my car at the end of the ragged, gravel road and step out into the thick, warm night. I have come to tell the weather’s green wind how the invisible hand that grasps the deep rotten fruit of the heart will exploit it. The heart is pure when filled with daylight, but at […]

…And a Grand Dream This Is

The sun comes up on a humdrum town. Professor Curl rises early to work on his calculations. He makes a pot of strong coffee and a couple of slices of buttered toast, taking everything into his office. The coffee pot and mug go in the one empty spot on his desk, while the plate of […]

Crucible of Shadows: an experiment in plotting

I had this idea of taking the plot of a story I know well (in this instance, I used Wikipedia for the plot summary) (don’t click on that link if you want to read my version first), changing all of the character and locations names, and seeing what it looked like then. I also flipped […]

The Dragon in the Box

for M. Jean Craig and Kelly Oechsli The clock is going to ring too soon and end this dream of mine. It’ll end in heartache. It’ll end in tears.

All Good Things…

I’ve been watching the entire run of Sapphire & Steel recently and just watched the final story, which is weird even for this show, with an ending that is pretty mindblowing and a definitive way to end the series. (If you’re not familiar with Sapphire & Steel, it’s a British SF show that ran from […]