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Fragment: A Night in the City

Albert walks through the sweltering, summer streets of the city, occasionally removing his fedora and fanning himself with it, wiping the sweat from his brow with his handkerchief. No one seems to pay any attention to him as he wanders from block to block, looking intently at the windows and doors of the restaurants, the […]

The Final Cut

I thought taking a random girl home from the bars would be the definitive end to my relationship with Holly. Holly thought my murder would be the definitive end to our relationship. Both of us were wrong and both of us were right, but not for the reasons we expected.

The World of the Five Republics

For 3,000 years, the Great Empire of Namaloom ruled all of the Eastern Lands, stretching from one coast to the other. The Imperial Dynasty of Namaloom reigned with an iron grip, supported by the elder gods of the Court of Shadows. Until 300 years ago, when the young gods of the Court of the Sun […]

Those Summer Days

Those summer days were long and weary, but full of the plump expectations of rain and regret that seemed to always punctuate our time together. I remember strolling down the great, stone steps to the shore, your soft hand in mine, as we chatted about the nights we’d lost to alcohol and fireworks, our clothes […]

Begin the Begin

When I was a college undergrad, this is how I wrote the majority of papers for my liberal arts classes (which I took a lot of, being a liberal arts kind of guy): 1) get up at the crack of dawn (or just before the dawn had begun to crack) of the day my paper […]

Works in Progress

I’ve long been shy about the way I actually go about doing things behind the scenes. Like a stage magician, I didn’t want people to see how I pulled things off. I didn’t want others to see my bank book or how I handle my money (actually, “mishandle” would be a more apt word). I […]