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Mojo Soup

Ladies & gentlemen & otherwise!

One, two! One, two! Three, four! Five, six! Count off, all hexes, wrecked in effect! A hymn for one, a limb for five, with jamberry spaces left for the alive. In the hive, a buzzing buzzing jamboree of bumbling tumbling frumious seas. Spingle out a match and dance, a spinning gyre of pooka jazz. Grab your punkin ass &–snicker-snack! A laugh of babble, out of mind, honey hiccup cereal lies.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! The sparklebox is crowning wide! Her apple-dappled eyes are powder bright, & I can feel the kumquat in my kangaroo. We’re all brilliant & uffish, puffin traintracks craning a drain. A treacle well is all well & good, but this stuff begs for a riverrun of orange glaze, a muchness of a muchness, a fever-fire flamingo fall.

If you don’t know what to say, say “pickle.” My hedgehog magick triskles at the sparky blue belly of your glassing look. The mirror rouge is floating our boat. Pink the puckets & swab the fuzzy monsters! Fruzzles of glaciated frogs go towning up the jellious cape! Wahoo!

Alligators & crocodiles! Salamanders & newts! Clutch your pocket dominoes & shrug off all the whiffling dust! It’s a babble of baubles, all holiday & hullaballoo! Let’s garou at the candy moon, before the spangles lose their doodles. We’ve got oysters & throbbing jewels, & the alchemy of anatomy is our gauze. It’s tumtum time, this bell-rung beatrix of midnight whirls. The licorice dragons are leafing up the skirts of jumbleruff.

Kookaburra! We jump through hoops. Kazoo! We kiss the pistol chimes. We’re never stuck with drizzly drears as long as we have our cantrip tabs. It’s now or never, sooner or later, a rooster clank of pandemonium. Forever shivers smoke & mirrors, reflected in the pause.

If ya wanna dance this dance, ya gotta have the pepper.

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