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On Beyond Mars

i look my best in the brier patch
i look my best dressed in rhyme & verse
the more time you spend on figuring things out
the more you make things worse
it’s a blessing & a curse

i jump
& yell & gesticulate wildly
my voice is in my hands
don’t give me
a microphone or a megaphone
because i might bite them off
with a laugh or a cough
my teeth like diamonds

it’s easy for me to turn around
burn this all to the ground
shout at you
until i’ve worn you down
but it’s not what i want
i don’t want to be a dick
i don’t want to be a cunt
it’s no kind of fun

i’m going on beyond mars
beyond jupiter
& out past eris
being stellar & nebulous
being all kinds of lost
& tempest tossed
with a laugh & a cough

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