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fill my mouth with glue
& shut my jaws
because i can’t go on like this
i can’t
i can’t
i can’t
it’s so absurd
i’m so unhinged
with my jetpack full of nitrous
& my cardigan on fire
billowing out
like a bursting rose
i just can’t stop
i can’t
i can’t
i can’t
i’m melting down
i’m blowing up
breathing stars & dappled sparks
all the time
i can’t go on
i must go on
a million voices all across the world
like meteors
inside my head
a candelabra
running off & running on
& on
& on
& on
with me bouncing off the walls
like a bicycle
all motorized
& inefficient
screwing up
starting over
all new
so, nu?
& so
i begin again
& again
& again
& again
with dragon eyes wide open
casting moonbeams
arrow-bright & monstrous
i cannot stop
i must not stop
i will not stop
& ever
& ever
& ever

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