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As Cruel as Candy

oh sweet waste of time

i want to pop your fizzle
as i wizard through
the middle of your
springdamp leaves
leave your garden unguarded & fill me
with your wishes
dreams &
your dishes
all washed & dried with your spoons & knives

monkey in the middle
the cat & the fiddle
the meddle & the muddle
the mud in the puddle

in your muddy gaze
my sweet
fleet waste of time
oh so dazed & drenched
in sizzle
in a tizzy in your
tangles tasting
the tang of trees

smack in the middle
flat on the griddle
the fat & the gristle
the wolf & the whistle

& oh how
i wish i was a concentrate
of sugarlime attentive to
bells & chimes
sucking sweet
the lolly time
& true
to chew your
your teeth your tongue
your top your tip your tappedout cup
your pie
your crust

the proof in the pudding
the coulding & the woulding
the messing & the mudding
the flowers all budding

& i blossom oh so
well as
i swell with the tide
a’wash with light & your fingers
in my mouth & your teeth
in my mouth & my bones
& my blood
jammed into your jars

a smack on the bottom
the fresh & the rotten
the wool & the cotton
the fool not forgotten

beguiled by the pool whirling
into your seas sailing down
the stream
to your steams
& your screams
& i’m oh all so here

i want to puncture you
i want to puncture you
i want to punctuate my love with a mark across your back

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