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Kitsune Mandala

in the corner of orange
i wait impatiently for bursting green &
fireworks starlight dripping from
my catholic shoes & i dream our lady of dandelions
blooming like blue eggs dancing
lightly on her
ragtime bones

in the corner of chalk
under the temple of the spangled priest i sleep
fitfully with your ragamuffin quilt
the taste of kisses
on my cheek with a sprinkling of angels
& a shower of
serpentine saudade
a brief glance of
teeth & the fall of
autumn hearts

in the corner of pepper i hear
the ocean of your tears moving quickly through the
velveteen shadows forever dripping starlight
drops into the
eye in the sand lost in the
tomb of king moon ra
a kindly crescent crybaby caul

in the corner of bright
on a bed of flowers between the
horns of hop & hollow i halo my
own masquerade growing lightning liquid with a sprinkling
of angels & a shower
of shattered shards a brief
glance of teeth & the
cartoon trap of springtime wine

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