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Jump Cut

i really wish i could
be the boy in that frame
the one in old-movie grey all manhattan-sharp
& paris-smooth the boy you constantly
study but instead i just
stand here quiet & small cudgeled by my
kansas banalities

& you dance
like a spider on fire i swear
i could never
move like that serpentine byzantine
gilded, glided, glad like a marionette
with no strings

but the scene
is over
that’s it, that’s
all & i got cut out
thrown to the floor i’ll
never be with you again
i’ll never be with
you again my only chance

& it could be
cold it
could be dark but i guess
it’s not

i’m okay, i’m here in this
brilliant room with
my hands in the air
& my face in the
screen looking for traces of you

what do i hope
to find? a peace of
mind? a piece of time? a sign
of my important fate? it’s just
& snow & the scent
of dust when i brush it away there’s
still more underneath
that’s it, that’s all & i fall
to the floor we’re alone
we’re alone we’re alone in
the world my
only glass half-full

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