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vagabond vagabond

oh velvet rush of flesh, flesh & bone, skin & bone
kiss skin swimming starlight ocean
rush of green, green velvet, green fuse, flash of green, green skin, green flesh, flesh is grass, green grass, green glass, skin is glass, ocean flesh, glass & bone, fish & grass, oceanic, wash of green, green drop drop flesh in oceanbed awash in glass, drop of wash, rush of tide, wild tide, wild ride, flash of green, green grass rushing wild

bag o’ bones
bag o’ bones

oh luscious touch of silk
oh so lush, just us
web of silk, web of roots, moss encrusted, crusty mossy, roots & rutabaga, bag o’ bones, boney trees, oceanic, mossy crusty crabby cross, silken web, net of jewels, pearl & drop, drop of moss, velvet mess, lush & green, green & blue, bugaboo, bag o’ bones, brain of green, luscious blue silk skin mossy soft & velvet rush

vagabond, bag o’ tricks, wandering wave & aimless rootless rutabaga bag o’ skin & bones, coral bones, rain of glass, fuse of green green pulse of rushing moss encrusted net of jewels
fishing in the net
tangled in the web, web of dreams, starry night
oh velvet oceanic bed

sleeping in the rain of stars & wash of night
a night like silk & washing moss, pulsing fuse of green light, bright as coral stars
a deep dark sea of sleep

vagabond vagabond
on the sea of sleep
dream a dark night deep & green

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