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Precious Things

if i eat some apples & honey
will it dispel you from
the haunted house of my heart?
such spells we have invented

for to cast at midnight’s moon
before the birth of winter
& the rebirth of my fire
when i’m wandering under sea-goat stars

& if i stuff my mouth with precious things
& sew my lips with daisies
will you fade away
from my cinematic mind?

it’s such a question squeezed
from my lemon life
a mug of tea
all honeyed & haggard & hinted

at the peppermint mistiness
that looms like clouds behind
my eyes as i lay in darkness
trapped & wrapped in endless loops

so if i drown myself in cider
as i lay myself beside my
lonely pillow, cat curled quietly
watching over me

as i cast spells of desperation
sigils scrawled on my dumbstruck tongue

still haunted by the ghost of you

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