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Dropping the Drip-Drop Dive

dive breath poor cotton
all food dive breath gaze escape
before clubs stunt the heap in splits
a treat fire bread worsted the seaside

seaside dole backs

backs doorbell constable collide gaze
buttoned draw skin weeds in on skin
axe wings gold thrift boar
before fire wrinkled fevered rented dead
with cotton scope clubs

clubs spy sunburn

sunburn crash pretty chime colour demon models in gum
fired some bomb boon toasted meat pop of run
spy a spy in run on crisp toasted the fire
before single in bars a gum-fired fire
wrinkled meat bird forking match sniffing heap
fire wrinkled rented gun hall speed name
up escape before a game dive breath

take street of slacks dressed dive breath
wool wire luck the clipped thrift scope name
stock axe into food-spooned models
stunt crisp toasted match sniffing this sunburn
single pretty pitch time escape
bear before slacks dressed gaze buttoned stone time
bread of pitch rule skin rings cotton jets this spy
street thyme in weeds in worsted rule boon
toasted up toast strawberry my mercurial speed
fair time escape pooled in time

escape double constable collide name

boar before name seaside shells bars donor

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