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Hymn Autumnal

here come it rains
here come it rains
& everything is going to be alright
here come it shadows
here come it lights
& everything is going to be alright

oh mine child, we’ve deposed a long hot mad summer
oh mine child, we fumbled through that loathed dead season
so desire dragged off forever

but here leaves are phantoms
& here leaves are nutmeg
& here leaves are china
& here leaves are smoke
& everything is coming to abide

let him tripping
tripping down the sun
like all leaves float down into flame
& him diamond dancing rain
let that lemon disk leave down underneath
a bedtime light & missiles of spice

oh mine brother, gravity’s beginning to fade
oh mine sister, it’s disposed to pulling our bones to dust
but here leaves a mushroom
& here goes a circle
& here wanders jelly
& now everything will abide

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