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I Call Shotgun, Bernadette!

target over to spider groups
this state would who guide it
who dying have spent a tragedy single watch illness
when in control, shooters point
the strategy he has federally
cloudy with a chance of rage
deep in the heart, deep in the blood

ever acquiring no background system hard-pressed
motive fixing control some panacea hit
recent do out for mr. president tragedy
this was what was using watch
readers facts for political decades
individual directed on madcap reform
was in and out of control
was check solving depression agenda
from the criminal association problems
deep in the heart, deep in the blood

this pushed them down
every town solving their lonely help
fixing in difficult ill with no conversation
deranged the television alone
not anti-gun nor have calling stopped
are to outlets before deflected
is this background dream reality
what they believe as a background not pure before will
before the mass
will something past raise not found them
deep in the heart, deep in the blood

but solutions facts with or without guns of interested day
check violence is emerging
check our patchwork institutions
deranged would pass unfortunately just promote problems
it’s push broken sooner or not
deep in the heart, deep in the blood

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