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On a Curve

one coffee below & we’re taught to know
my good dream’s a grace news whole
i’m glad I like them & i’m really well
kissing away what grave touch to give
you see where your news doesn’t go to live

good cowardly yearning, still we’re learning
& I’m looking for my touch to burn
if a tortoise cup has you settle well
i’m glad to come, your mother may sleep
good to need your oceans deep
hip hip hooray!

we’re turning so I have to run away
a tangled drop into this hell
go run a little, my saving grace
are you a shell to screen my face?

deliver demons free but don’t be a guarantee
too hip to me won’t show what favorite you see
the world that tears flow deeply swells
you may be kneeling for what i’m feeling
where heavy hearts know love is stealing
hooray hooray hooray!

if you guess i’ll stab this headache
with a smashing cup of coffee
you’re so far ahead of the other witches in this class
hip hip hooray!
you get an a!

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