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Sweet Ginger Angelica

why are we always fighting?

make it go that way there having light
you’re going to make me & i need to cry
& the dollars are out
you’re overwhelmed & i’m online
overwhelmed & online
but if i don’t fire happy hearts at you
there’s something wrong

you’re sailing out to sea & talking for real
what i sing is never going to help you mind the shimmers
in your better future fingers
& one of these days you’re going to blow me away
with your sad silver heart

i don’t care about these sick sick cities
but i care too much & everything hurts
where out of nothing i guess that’s gotten out despair
& list the ones that keep goldmining our souls
light & hope
light & hope
but which wolf wins?
which wolf wins?
are we living out the darkness & despair?

a vulture waiting for you to fall into
darkness & despair
when you’ve got the blues
will you find a way to see me in hearts of ice
i’m starting to see you the same
looking good when you resign yourself in a fantasy feel

& the way i’m swimming to be tamed in your oh so serious eyes
it’s these discussions about how the other is for freedom
born to be crushed by the wheels greased by fear
die but don’t split because you feel extremely burned by the world
as open sky knows it’s good for dreaming

i left you at the end of what you’re always rolling in
dwelling on what’s out there wanting
there triggered by mass shooting pain
too old the possibility of what’s behind it & why
while i’m always for nothing & everything about the state of our minds
but for you to balance being
then go cut the two wolves without feeding either one

i’m a cool stone million
& you pick the bones when you’re screaming automatic drift divide
there’s got to be something on a blue & dark streak
i feel this terrible future & you’re never going to make it
never going to make it
but i don’t mind facing up to dust
in your every moment there’s hoping
let’s imagine
let’s imagine being sane
when you kiss kiss kiss my friends
& shake shake shake because you glimpsed it away

this is not the blues
this is not the blues

know it we’re fighting
when you keep me awake but it’s never there
monsters of the id
but we’re stronger than that
& once in a lifetime
is once in a lifetime
never to be afraid is never to be aware
but never to fight is never to live
& living is all we have in the end