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Her Apple-Dappled Eyes

long, so love
she drinks a few
anything in love, she said
to know him like the flu

& toys sounded clear enough
when it was a cold rail station
& tested negative laughs
& oh, the time they had
so drank alot & certainly dreamed
of when they were dead
flowing instructions to rest
& you ought to know me home

gee, so long
how much that joy
of love we’ve done that, she said
flying men act like boys

but when your joys are broken
everyone who seems would go might come to
don’t go leave the beach
& money on the young & fit
so sick, very sick, dresses, love
without people hung back he owns himself
love, he lived so in & out of her
you don’t know bizarre, but possibly nightmare

love, so long
he sparks her heart
anything for you, she said
to spot him from the start

they were dead laughs & oh, cold rail station
reality’s a bowler flowing instructions to sorrow lies
was rest & you hats with home & toys sounded
& his lungs like animals flew first alot
& certainly ought to know clear enough
when the end ocean & tested negative for strep
she was fever-free for of focus they have
until he never had so stuffy a day

& they never were again
& they never were again
& they never lost their dreams
into the open so long to love