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Oh You Curious Star!

for David Bowie

it’s no game when
those defenseless idiots just love brute strength
but in your careless stride, your eyes
are just like that moonlit night
with mamas & martians in my apocalyptic dreams

a real life adventure worth living
dies throwing darts in hazy cosmic jive
& artsy cover versions
& there’s a day when we can be ourselves but
she thinks the strangest things
she loving the dolphins who swim in the coldest waters
she wanting to see the whales
i’ll wager those two or three gods on it

i want to be it all
oh god, i want such things as the stuff of moon phases
that aren’t a product of a scary dangerous mind
with a starman waiting in the back room
like a slow-motion clown
like the dolphins she swam with
like a black wall & a silver screen

i can’t hope to stay forever
not when i’m underneath the killing moon
& when i turn blue we could steal
alien love to look at him in the neon lights
till you could do better than squeaky clean eyes

i’m the will, the spark, the fusion
so much more than pieces of art
hanging him on my lovers’ eyes
we are here to come and meet the day
head on with nothing to do
when there was no dj that was voice on a wave

i asked for my love & i gave her my blue heart
we looked divine when we came together
& that silly love descends on teenage wildlife
believing the we, for one magical moment, could
say goodbye
with looks like screaming glitter heroes
forever & ever nothing to say
blue, the sky he’d like to see one last time

we like dancing in brand-new drag
driven by anger & hope
in those mirrored rooms they say he has
you can’t tell them apart at a time of goblin awakening
no lazarus, no immortal man from mars
just one kook pumped full of strange drugs
on his winding way to the heavens