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the words are razor-sharp inside
the mists & rain of midnight, but when
they see the light of day

oh fuck!

my goldfish record burst a bombclad sensitivity of the teeth
like concrete in a ginger salad bath
your soup all soapy & scumburst foul

oh mysterious key!
music me shut
how can i monkey puddle burst a not nothing for you?
not nothing for you?
like to satellite spunk stabbed people here
they speak my piano canine & burger babble
out in concrete in kookaburra each other
dry blast out of the teeth like over & over the little again

well, fuck it

to say time simile like over to moondark sensitivity
have eye on my nose
like i spend of things are all a spacey goldfish
say all language to you
all language to you
over to look the same sunburst foul of matinee wall with manatee
your soup like a black badger of bells cast drink on you

oh shut up!
we all shut up
we all shut the fuck up!