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Alas Lies a Penguin

a broken wing, to sing, to sing
don’t fool thee of
don’t fool, don’t fool
a peach free plum, too glum, too glum
don’t drown thee out
don’t drown, don’t drown

in pools of perfect peach free plum
too glum for good
too glum, too glum
the fuse of green, unseen, unseen
too thrilled thee of
too thrilled, too thrilled

oh claws of clashing munchkin break
oh silly little seaside song
oh claws of cracking window winds
oh leaping little king of cats

a broken wing, to sing a song
don’t write me off
don’t write me off
a peach free plum, a drum, a drum
don’t sound me out
no sound, no sound

no sound but the whisper of window winds

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