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Infinite Crisis

a gift of scarlet & gold
flash bang crackle of lightning
deep undergound
where the magic words are kept

rocketing through eternity
with my shadows far behind
there’s a hell of a universe next door
& upstairs in the attic
& down in the basement
& through the looking-glass
so let’s go!
let’s go let’s go let’s go!

a gift of silver daydreams
as quick & mad as mercury
words that groan their way into existence
bursting through my brain
flash bang crackle of lightning

up & down & all around this world
is rollercoaster enough for me
a gift of gold & scarlet
reflected in mirror madness manic
rocketing through eternity
my feet on fire

flash bang crackle of lightning
as i shout my magic words
wishing desperately to
make the world run a better pace

am i powerless or powerful
in these silver daydreams
bursting through my veins
when my little world expands
into the infinite

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