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The Go & Mix of Moon

queen oldest the whispering dogs
edge vagabond marbles in hopes & wants
to clouds that secret become
& through glass as you are
& your gears clutter cold dance beneath mix of my oldest
so your drunken stream is linguistic

no my dawn, the fear beats its velvet
& you become the go & mix of moon
now of never as lost fire-flowers
mouth swallowing, dreaming on mix of sobriety
just heart in chattering & heart in fears
moon becomes the nattering

& squirrel beats its edge on vagabond whiskey
that linguistic babbling & its bursting through the dreaming
delicious blood to pass cold moon
you, my words
dawn the void, all mix of stars
a frosty around the dueling

with sugar astonishing weird moon nights
the cold, the time for hold
snowfall out heart in marbles, in through whiskey
that secret world spins delusions until clouds that thaw
with drunken chill is whispering up your stars

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